Exploring the Mystic World of Chakra Stones

Some things never cease to amaze us. The more we start to study them, the more intriguing it becomes. The same applies to the world of chakra stones. Various ancient civilizations have held gemstones in high regard, and the practice continues even today.

Thanks to their beauty, quality, and preciousness, gemstones were widely used as an element for embellishments. It found its way to crowns, scepters, and many other things. Another noteworthy property of many gemstones is their healing properties. Well, healing crystals don’t necessarily mean something that helps you recover from serious ailments. They help with balancing orgone energy and transforming negative energies into positive vibes.

Orgone Energy

For someone who follows chakra stones and healing crystals keenly, orgone energy is no alien term. Ever since it was first discovered in the 20th century, multiple researchers and scientists have engaged in understanding it fully. But, as said earlier, the more they studied it, the more there was left to learn.

Orgone energy is a form of metaphysical energy or life force energy. In other cultures, it is known as chi and prana. In humans, orgone energy flows through seven chakras located in the body, starting from the base of the spine and leading to the crown of the head. For a healthy body, mind, and spirit, it is believed that the seven chakras should be in harmony, facilitating the smooth flow of orgone energy throughout the body. If any chakra point is not in alignment with the others, chakra stones help balance them.

Why Gemstones?

Chakra stones play a crucial role in promoting health and well-being in the body and the mind. Let’s look at a few properties associated with them:

  • Negative to Positive Energy - In our everyday life, we are surrounded by negative energies and thoughts. It clouds our minds, affects our decision-making, and impacts our productivity. Wearing gemstone jewelry every day when going to work can help transform negative energy in your workspace into positive energy that benefits all living beings.
  • Sharpens Intellect - When our mind is unsettled, we cannot do even the simplest tasks. However, gemstone jewelry helps in self-discovery and brings peace and tranquility to the mind. If you practice mindful meditation while wearing gemstones, you can notice your mind becoming clearer and sharper.
  • Love and Care - With man being a social animal, one should show love, care, and compassion towards fellow human beings and all other living things. It is even more important in a world where hate reigns. The power of healing crystals and gemstone jewelry helps open your mind to everything around you, the divine, and your inner self. It is when you can start loving everything unconditionally.
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