top crystals which attract money

Manifesting Millions: The Best Crystals for Attracting Money

Which Gemstones Attract Money

When it comes to manifesting prosperity, wealth, and financial flow, many turn to the metaphysical properties of specific crystals and gemstones. Certain mineral specimens are believed to carry energies that can help remove blocks to abundance, boost your money mindset, and attract an influx of income.

But with so many potential "money crystals" out there, it can be confusing to know which crystals attract money most powerfully. If you're looking to invite more financial opportunities your way, surround yourself with these top stones which attract money and learn how to work with their energies.

Top Crystals For Attracting Money:

Top crystals for attaracting money


Quite possibly the most famous crystal that attracts money, sunny citrine is all about abundance, prosperity, and good luck. Its warm, golden frequencies resonate with the solar plexus chakra, boosting confidence, self-worth, and an abundant mindset.


Nicknamed the "money stone," pyrite's gorgeous metallic luster and cubic crystalline formation resembles gold. This is an excellent stone to attract money by amplifying your motivation and removing energetic blockages to financial flow. Keep pyrite with you to magnetize wealth.

Green Jade

For centuries, jade has been revered as a powerful crystal for attracting money and cultivating prosperity. Its nurturing yet grounding green rays usher in luck, unity, and confidence for achieving your financial goals. Green jade harmonizes the heart and heart chakras.

Green Aventurine

Another variety of powerful green crystals that bring money is aventurine. This stone of opportunity helps manifest success in business and career aspirations. Considered very lucky, aventurine attracts abundance while keeping you calm and centered as you navigate financial situations.

Tigers Eye

With its mesmerizing bands and shimmery golden essence, tigers eye is a highly favored gemstone that attracts money. This grounding, stabilizing crystal opens you up to recognize opportunities for wealth-building and motivates you to pursue them with confidence.

Yellow Topaz

This sunny golden gem resonates strongly with the solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras – the core energy centers of self-worth, confidence, and feeling grounded in abundance. Stones like topaz attract money by reinforcing your sense of self-value and cultivating gratitude.


Deep, fiery garnet is associated with passion, power, and pure life force energy. Working with these rich red crystals that bring money lights your inspirational spark and activates your root chakra for greater action in manifesting wealth.

How to Attract Money with these crystals?

how to attact money with crystals

While each of these stones attract money through different vibrations and chakra affiliations, there are some common threads to how you can make the most of their abundance-attracting abilities:

  • Set a Clear Intention
    • Before using any money crystals, take time to clearly define your intentions and goals for attracting greater financial flow. Visualize what it will look and feel like to have that abundance. Program your crystals with your focused intention, as gemstones can amplify the energy you put into them.
  • Work on Your Money Mindset
    • True abundance starts from within. Use crystals to shift your mindset away from scarcity and toward feeling worthy of wealth. When you believe you deserve financial flow, you'll be more open to receiving money.
  • Carry a Talisman or Amulet
    • Tumbled money stones or small polished crystals can be carried in your purse, pocket, or kept nearby as a charged talisman attracting financial opportunities. You can also wear them as jewelry on your body to keep their energies close.
  • Create a Wealth Altar or Grid
    • Arrange and activate several crystals that attract money by designing an abundance altar or sacred grid that you keep charged. This provides a constant flow of wealth-cultivating energy into your living or workspace.
  • Add to Manifestation Rituals
    • Any existing rituals or practices you do for manifesting can be amplified by including money-attracting crystals. Meditate with them, infuse them into your vision boards, or incorporate them into full moon ceremonies.

    The key is tapping into the unique vibrations and symbolism of each of these crystals for attracting money while aligning your energy with a flow of abundance.

    No crystal can materialize money out of thin air, of course, but they can provide the energetic activation and metaphysical support to help you open up to greater prosperity on all levels – financially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

    By surrounding yourself with the right mineral companions while doing your inner work, you're aligning with the frequency of abundance itself. And when you vibrate on that higher wavelength, you'll become a magnet allowing more money and opportunity to flow to you naturally.

    So grab some pyrite, citrine, jade, or tigers eye and start programming and connecting with their wealth-attracting energies today! A prosperous mindset shift could be just one crystal away.

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